Recently I was thinking about disruption, integration, synergy, and connections. Nadler Modular Construction builds spaces for private industry, education, and government. Hergo Ergonomic Workspace Solutions builds … workspace solutions, of course. So far, these businesses have been functioning as “silos”—corporate-speak for standalone units that are isolated without much information or resource sharing going on. That’s not ideal. I think that… Read More


Last month I made this outrageous claim: there’s never been a better time to start—or BUY—a business. The New York Times had a similar take on the subject. But I don’t think they went far enough. Recently in my LinkedIn feed I saw someone saying they had “dodged a bullet” by backing out of a large multi-unit real estate deal… Read More


I was in the middle of a conference about our social media strategy with my marketing partners. I’m a bottom-line guy, and I asked what I thought was a tough question: “What’s the bottom line and ROI on all this social media stuff?” The president of their team was in the middle of a description of increased sales, referrals, publicity,… Read More


In the past you might have seen them for a clothing drive, a shopping mall “Outdoor Sale!” or an after-race party. Lightweight, quickly-deployed structures seemed like a trivial part of the modular structures world. But we didn’t know quite how important they would turn out to be. SUDDENLY, EVERYTHING CHANGED. Unless you live on a flood plain or “tornado country,”… Read More


Last month we featured a large project with a one-year turnaround. But what about when you need that structure yesterday? The world is in crisis. COVID-19, informally known as the Coronavirus, is spreading rapidly around the world. Countries as far-spread as China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, and now the United States are feeling the effects. Hospitals are—or soon will be—overwhelmed… Read More


Last month we discussed how important site selection and logistics are to modular structure installation. This week Nadler Modular ran into all those challenges, and more. One Police Plaza, headquarters of “New York’s Finest,” is located on Park Row in Civic Center, Manhattan, a busy, mixed use neighborhood near City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Francesco Dazzi, Wikimedia Creative… Read More

How did Modular get so popular?

People don’t always know modular construction when they see it, and that’s thanks to decades of progress and development. Modular buildings can pop up (literally) almost anywhere, and can range from a simple construction trailer to a large, multiple-building development. NOT YOUR FATHER’S MODULAR! Mention modular to an old-timer, and they’ll probably think of Quonset huts and temporary classrooms on… Read More

…They Say it’s Not Possible, but We’re Proving Them Wrong

  “SPEED, QUALITY, PRICE: CHOOSE ANY TWO” That’s what the graphic usually reads. You’ve probably seen it posted on the wall at print shops and auto garages and the like. Usually it’s alongside a picture of a bunch of hysterical cartoon characters, laughing over the caption that reads, “You Want it When??” Hilarious. Infuriating. Because it’s just an excuse for… Read More

Nadler Modular and Hergo Exhibit Together at Fort Belvoir Tradeshow

FORT BELVOIR PROCUREMENT AND TECH PLUS EXPO IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR DOD SUPPLIERS. Starting in December 2019, the Department of Defense will roll out a new approach to acquisitions that promises to bring higher speed and agility to the procurement process. This new policy is being tested and taught at the Defense Acquisition University at Fort Belvoir, Va., where… Read More

Three Reasons the U.S. and Local Governments Choose Modular Construction

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION DATING BACK TO WORLD WAR 2 Prefabrication and modular construction has not had a steady increase in use over time. Instead, it has fluctuated based on the level of drastic need during war and economic booms. Prefabrication and modular construction was increasingly used during World War II due to the need for mass accommodation for military personnel. Modular… Read More

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