…They Say it’s Not Possible, but We’re Proving Them Wrong

  “SPEED, QUALITY, PRICE: CHOOSE ANY TWO” That’s what the graphic usually reads. You’ve probably seen it posted on the wall at print shops and auto garages and the like. Usually it’s alongside a picture of a bunch of hysterical cartoon characters, laughing over the caption that reads, “You Want it When??” Hilarious. Infuriating. Because it’s just an excuse for… Read More

Nadler Modular and Hergo Exhibit Together at Fort Belvoir Tradeshow

FORT BELVOIR PROCUREMENT AND TECH PLUS EXPO IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR DOD SUPPLIERS. Starting in December 2019, the Department of Defense will roll out a new approach to acquisitions that promises to bring higher speed and agility to the procurement process. This new policy is being tested and taught at the Defense Acquisition University at Fort Belvoir, Va., where… Read More

Three Reasons the U.S. and Local Governments Choose Modular Construction

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION DATING BACK TO WORLD WAR 2 Prefabrication and modular construction has not had a steady increase in use over time. Instead, it has fluctuated based on the level of drastic need during war and economic booms. Prefabrication and modular construction was increasingly used during World War II due to the need for mass accommodation for military personnel. Modular… Read More

Modular Construction Passes The Government Test With Flying Colors

Modular Construction Passes The Government Test With Flying Colors The government and military sectors not only have strict structural and physical security requirements when it comes to building construction standards, but these requirements typically need to be delivered rapidly and completed within an accelerated timetable. MYTH BUSTER For both of these reasons, prefabricated modular construction offers several advantages for public… Read More

Modern Modular Delivers Classrooms of the Future

A Lesson From Software Companies Agile development is often referred to as a rapid, highly flexible way technology companies build their software with efficiency and maximum utilization of engineering and developer talent. In many ways, modular building takes a very similar approach to fabricate buildings while meeting the evolving needs of today’s schools and universities. This approach enables contractors to… Read More

Hurricane Season Calls for Resilient Construction And Modular Will Answer

While most commonly known to be part of a disaster recovery initiative after the damage is done, modern modular and off-site construction can often be more resilient when it comes to withstanding the wrath of mother nature, something very much top of mind to those in the common path of the increased number of hurricanes hitting the Americas each year…. Read More

NYC Department of Transportation Keeps City Moving at Speed with Help of Modular Construction

The New York City Department of Transportation (‘NYDOT’) oversees one of the most complex urban transportation networks in the world. If it were a private sector organization, it would be considered a large enterprise company. The amount of infrastructure it manages is equally impressive, with over 5,000 employees, 6,000 miles of streets and highways, 12,000 miles of sidewalk, and 794… Read More

Modern Prefab Classrooms of the Future

Prefabricated, modular school classrooms are combining new levels of quality while meeting new, rapidly-changing requirements for learning environments.   Address Growth without Compromising Quality Today’s modern modular classrooms bear little resemblance to the old style ‘portables’ that most of us likely recall from decades past. Many of Nadler’s education clients have taken notice of this evolution, getting their project done… Read More

Do You Know What To Ask?

Many of our clients are purchasing a modular building for the first time and not quite sure what to ask in order to ensure what they get will meet their needs. For those who do have experience in evaluating a modular construction project, you may not be aware of some of the recent advancements made in the industry in terms… Read More

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