Nadler Modular Keeps Staten Island Lifeguards Comfortable

With temperatures rising and summer in full swing, Staten Island – often referred to as the ‘Riviera of New York City’, will be filling its beaches with tourists and packing the famous Staten Island Ferry with local New Yorkers and visitors looking to get out of the city. Staten Island has undergone several recent renovation projects, including it’s the full… Read More

3 Reasons Modular is Smart for Schools

Summertime is here, which means class is out. However, this is when schools often get busy with their larger facilities and construction projects. With pressure to accommodate more incoming students along with aging buildings and infrastructure, the current needs tend to always outweigh available budgets. That’s where modular construction and prefabricated buildings can really help. Schools have always needed to… Read More

New York School Finds Modular Construction Helps Attract Donors

Summary: A Jewish school destroyed by Hurricane Sandy discovers that prefabricated, modular buildings not only deliver speed, flexibility, and cost benefits compared to traditional on-site construction, but can also be a powerful tool to help support fundraising efforts with donors. Challenges of Student Growth and Aging Buildings With growing student populations and aging buildings, the need to fund large capital… Read More

Rikers Island Prison: Part of New York’s Innovative Architecture

Rikers Island Prison: Part of New York’s Innovative Architecture New York City is well known for many things, in particular its great innovations in architecture and iconic buildings; however the structures on Rikers Island just a few miles from Manhattan and home to 10,000 prisoners is typically not among the most people’s short list. But perhaps it should be –… Read More

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