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February 2016 | Nadler News
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Danbury School Avoids Redistricting Kids with Nadler Modular
Faced with a continued growing city population, the Danbury Public School District was facing severe overcrowding with its current resources and space capacity. While redistricting students was an option, it was also considered a last resort. A fast, economic solution was needed to solve this challenge, and ideally with as little disruption to faculty, students, and their families as possible.

Fast Construction in the Dead of Winter
Not only did the Danbury School need a space solution fast, but it would have to be flexible and durable enough to adapt to changing and often difficult to predict resource requirements. Furthermore, construction would need to take place during the winter months in the New England area - known for its harsh winters that would likely delay traditional construction.

The answer: Modern, modular buildings, pre-fabricated off-site.

Not the Modular Classrooms We Grew Up With
Modular construction has evolved over the last several decades, and is very different from the temporary mobile classrooms of the past. Through modern fabrication methodologies and processes, Nadler Modular is able to provide clients with beautiful, high quality structures that are often more durable than traditional construction, and apply the latest advances in building technologies and design.

"This is not the modular buildings we had when we were kids - those considering modular, should not underestimate the quality," said Joseph Martino, Director of Finance for Danbury Schools District. "This economical solution enabled us to address our growth without moving kids around just for the sake of space."

The result is a finished product that not only looks great, but blends in with the surrounding environment while providing all the modern amenities.

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Thank You from all of us at Nadler Modular
Nadler Modular provides a variety of temporary and permanent building solutions for schools and education facilities to support student population growth and fluctuations. Please contact us should you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why modular makes sense and how we can help.


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