Modern Modular Delivers Classrooms of the Future

A Lesson From Software Companies

Agile development is often referred to as a rapid, highly flexible way technology companies build their software with efficiency and maximum utilization of engineering and developer talent. In many ways, modular building takes a very similar approach to fabricate buildings while meeting the evolving needs of today’s schools and universities. This approach enables contractors to break down large, complex projects into sprints that translate into speed and flexibility for you.

On average, prefabricated construction methodologies reduce the overall project timeline by 30-50%. This means the school building and classrooms may be occupied much sooner.

Flipping the Classroom On Its Head

The mundane, repetitive learning experience of having students do the same thing over and over again, and watching a teacher write on a dry-erase board all day long, is quickly become a thing of the past. The spread of online learning, active working group projects, and having a more collaborative learning experience is putting pressure on how traditional building structures enabled this “flipped learning classroom.”

Flexible and adaptable teaching methodologies are demanding that building structures follow suit and be just as flexible. This is often referred to as a “flipped classroom” approach. As schools look to implement this format over traditional classroom and lecture hall layouts, builders and contractors have been adapting. The overarching idea is to customize delivery methods that suit the subject field and type of learner. Rooms and walls must now be flexible in size and design and be able to change rapidly by learning exercise to enable children to change where they sit and how they interact and learn from each other – almost instantly.

Modular Flexibility: Inside And Outside

This level of flexibility is inherent with modular building technology and methodologies, especially for portable and mobile structures. This can be important as student populations and classroom utilization rates change year by year with enrollment numbers, often related to adjusting overall city populations. Adapting to this fluid demand is cost-effectively managed with modular construction.

Furthermore, modular buildings can be easily designed to support greater agility in the classroom. Modern layouts include flexible and removable walls and embedded power stations through the floorboards to enable computer learning exercises to take place virtually anywhere in the room.

The Building Becomes The Teacher

With modular structures, new technology can be tried very quickly and with relatively lower up-front costs since the investment can be limited to a smaller area of the school. This includes “green” technologies like solar, green-roofs, greywater recycling systems, and low-flow water fixtures.

Additionally, how modular buildings are constructed is kinder to mother earth. 80% of on-site activity can be removed with modular, translating to less deliveries, storage and material waste, reduced air and water pollution, less dust, noise, and overall environmental impact.

These tangible examples of how smarter construction methodologies and materials are better for the earth can present a powerful learning experience for students. Children can see and understand the importance of sustainable materials and renewable energies firsthand with their very own “smart classroom building” in action. The implications for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related exercises that teachers may leverage without the need for a field trip are almost limitless.

Next Steps

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