Modern Prefab Classrooms of the Future

Prefabricated, modular school classrooms are combining new levels of quality while meeting new, rapidly-changing requirements for learning environments.


Address Growth without Compromising Quality

Today’s modern modular classrooms bear little resemblance to the old style ‘portables’ that most of us likely recall from decades past. Many of Nadler’s education clients have taken notice of this evolution, getting their project done fast, on budget, and all while delighting parents and teachers with a beautiful product. This was especially true for Danbury Public School District, one of Nadler’s many clients that have come to experience today’s modern modular construction.

“This is not the modular building we had when we were kids – those considering modular, should not underestimate the quality,” said Joseph Martino, Director of Finance for Danbury Schools District. “This economical solution enabled us to address our growth without moving kids around just for the sake of space.”

And with the continued increase in student populations and pressure to meet this growth with constrained budgets, modular construction is meeting more space needs for schools across the country.


Mirrors A Modern Startup Office

The new generation of modular classrooms are more often than not permanent structures, built to meet the latest building codes and construction practices. A far cry from the bland, dark portables often dreaded by teachers and students, todays modular classrooms are bright and adaptable to different configurations in much the way today’s flexible startup offices are designed. They are also well-insulated against the elements and can be outfitted with the latest in modern lighting, security, and wireless technology. All these advancements create for a comfortable and safe learning environment that wows the parents.


Less Waste. More Green.

Modular is also a green, eco-friendly approach. With construction happening off-site, waste in materials is often reduced by as much as 40%, compared to traditional methodologies. Modular also provides a more controlled environment for improved quality and reduced margins of error, minimizing risk of delay due to weather. This can be critical, as many schools use the quick Summer months to expand and change their classrooms and other common areas before the new year starts in the Fall.


Summer Construction

With Summer right around the corner, many schools are faced with challenges to meet growing student populations and aging infrastructure needs in time for the new school year. Nadler Modular has specialized in providing cost-effective, modern, prefabricated school building solutions for over 40 years. For a free consultation from one of our modular experts, please call us at 888-329-6600 or simply complete our online contact form today.

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