Modular Construction Passes The Government Test With Flying Colors

Modular Construction Passes The Government Test With Flying Colors

The government and military sectors not only have strict structural and physical security requirements when it comes to building construction standards, but these requirements typically need to be delivered rapidly and completed within an accelerated timetable.


For both of these reasons, prefabricated modular construction offers several advantages for public sector projects over traditional building methodologies. While it may be commonly understood that modular helps reduce overall project time and is essentially immune to weather delays, there are also many misunderstandings and inaccurate assumptions about portable, modular buildings. This includes the false understanding that modular has less reliable materials, can’t stand-up to environmental threats and natural disasters, or can’t be customized to meet customer requirements. Nothing could be further from the truth.

After decades of innovation and developing offsite fabrication best practices to meet higher expectations for government and military projects, Nadler Modular Structures has found its clients benefit from multiple benefits and reduced risk.



While speed to project completion is commonly known, it’s worth mentioning again. Often the case is the need to deliver mobile offices, army barracks, disaster recovery headquarters, medical-grade units, and other specialized structures to remote areas across the world in rapid time. Modular construction removes the risk to transport raw building materials onsite and allows fabrication to be done in a controlled environment by a proven, skilled labor team. This alleviates missing or delayed shipments of one-off materials, reduces the likelihood of onsite construction errors, and avoids the risk of significant weather delays.



Beyond time, the materials and modular fabrication methodology can be customized to meet any number of detailed requirements. As a certified GSA contractor and SCIF Specialist Provider, Nadler has been delivering purpose-built building solutions for the U.S. Government for over 40 years. Nadler’s expert staff includes ex-military members and seasoned professionals with a successful track record of repeat clients and word of mouth referrals.

Nader’s expertise extends to meeting unique construction and security requirements for the U.S. Military, including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), and meeting building protocols for the Cognizant Security Authority (CSA), Critical Areas of Concern, and 6/9 standards.



With the Summer months upon us, many government entities are evaluating Fall and Winter 2019 projects to execute before the end of the calendar year. Modular is an efficient, reliable construction strategy to meet accelerated timeline requirements without compromising on material and fabrication standards.



When selecting your modular solution for a Government project, it’s important to consider their level of expertise and track record. Here are four important questions to ask your modular vendor as part of your evaluation process:

  1. Does the modular vendor offer proprietary assessment processes to ensure 100% compliance with your unique requirements and specifications?
  2. Can your vendor deliver on custom materials and physical security needs?
  3. Does the vendor have a proven track record as a certified GSA provider in meeting project timelines and a formalized communication process and cadence?
  4. Does the modular vendor offer a dedicated staff and/or account support for your project?



Modular construction, coupled with the right solution provider, can offer significant benefits and reduced risk when you need to tackle even the most complex, sensitive military and government projects.

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