Nadler Helps Raise $500K+ in 24 Hrs for Special Needs School

The team at Nadler Modular Structures has long been a supporter of its local New York community. There are so many good causes to support, and among them is a wonderful school that cares for children with challenges called Ohr V’Daas, located in the Monsey NY area.

The Ohr V’Daas school offers individualized programs that meet the special needs of their students through a staff of educators that create a warm, caring, and structured environment. The programs help prepare these children to function to the best of their abilities in a mainstream setting, even enabling many of them to work at actual job sites as adults. Visiting the school to see the children so happy and well taken care of makes one feel so blessed to be part of such an important program.

While many of us are actively involved in supporting our favorite charities like this one, what was unique about this opportunity was HOW we were able to leverage technology and our digital social networks to raise over a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in 24 hours!

So how did we raise so much money, so fast?

Nadler and our team were among many others that leveraged our professional and personal networks very rapidly with a modern fundraising platform called “Charidy.” It was as easy as simply making a few clicks on your smartphone.

There was also a certain amount of ‘gamification’ involved, whereby those who donated could follow on their phones and online in real-time how close we were getting to our minimum goal of $500,000 and the impact each dollar was making. The real difference came with donation matching capabilities, capturing the generosity of a few select groups of donors – creating a 3:1 multiplier for all donations. That meant for every hundred dollars donated, the total donation given, assuming the goal was met, would actually be four hundred dollars.

According to the online Charidy tracker, we hit the goal just under the 24 hour time limit with 616 donors!

Nadler Modular would like to thank all of our customers, partners, employees, friends and family for the amazing and generous support given, and in record time, to help the Ohr V’DaaS school and the children who rely so much on its programs. For those not previously able to participate in this project, you can still offer your support at

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