Nadler Modular’s Hill AFB Project Preps for Takeoff


Located about 30 miles from Salt Lake City, Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah is one of the largest military bases on U.S. soil. It houses the 75th Air Base Wing, 388th Fighter Wing, and 419th Fighter Wing, along with thousands of logistics and support personnel.
Source: U.S. Air Force, Wikimedia Commons

As part of its continuing engagement in projection of Air Force power around the globe, it continues to cope with mission growth and the need to house and support its expanding operations in the most efficient, speedy, and cost-effective manner possible. As a consequence, its command has decided to deploy and utilize modular units to achieve their goals, and has turned to Nadler for the execution of their plans.

Nadler Modular Construction has been engaged to provide a 74,000 square feet new workspace, comprised of 108 premanufactured 11’ x 60’ trailer modules assembled create a unified state-of-the-art, turnkey office complex capable of accommodating up to 512 base personnel.

The photos below were taken in September, 2020, and show the site prep and individual trailer modules being delivered for staging and assembly.

Photos: Justin Barnett

ETA: 2021
The new office complex will be finished with associated site work, a parking lot, and the required utility connections and data/communications networks. Nadler will coordinate with other government contractors who will install government-supplied office furnishings and workstations, with a goal to bring this new facility online in early to mid-2021.

Among its many amenities are:

  • Large open workrooms (2 per bay)
  • 24 multi-purpose rooms (6 per bay)
  • 4 squadron director offices (1 per bay)
  • 2 team office suites w/ supervisor office and mtg rm (1 in each common area)
  • 2 large (32 person) conference rooms (1 in each common area)
  • 8 medium (24 person) conference rooms (2 per bay)
  • 8 small (14 person) conference rooms (2 per bay)
  • 2 men’s multi-stall restrooms (1 per common area)
  • 2 women’s multi stall restrooms (1 per common area)
  • 2 postpartum wellness room, aka nursing mother’s room (1 per common area)
  • 2 lobbies with security checkpoint desks w/relief office (1 per common area)
  • 4 locker areas (2 per common area)
  • 2 lounge areas (1 per common area)
  • 2 entry vestibules (1 per common area)
  • 2 atriums (30’ x 36’) (1 per common area)
  • 4 semi-private lobby restrooms (2 per common area)
  • 2 break area/kitchen (1 per common area)
  • 4 communications equipment rooms (1 per bay)
  • 4 mccr lab/storage rooms (1 per wing)
  • 2 receiving bay with rollup door (1 each in bays a and d)
  • 2 janitor’s closet (1 per common area)
  • 4 storage rooms (2 per common area)
  • 4 alarm closets (1 per bay)
  • 2 electrical/riser room (1 per common area)
  • 6 halls (3 per common area)
  • 2 facility manager’s office (1 per common area)
  • 4 de-comp rooms (1 per bay)

When completed, the office complex will measure 640’ x 120’, or three-quarters of a standard city block.

The U.S. military and procurement organizations are counting on modular construction’s economies and efficiencies of scale to bring this project to completion at a significant savings over traditional onsite construction.

Stay tuned for status updates as this massive undertaking takes flight.

Bottom Line:

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