Nadler Proudly Puts Your Tax Dollars to Good Use

Doing business with government entities, whether a larger U.S. federal agency, a state-wide department, or a local municipality – requires the highest standard of trust and business integrity from vendors and contractors.

Providing products and services to the government at any level is an honor, and can be very exciting as it’s a company’s opportunity to becomes directly involved in answering the question many of us have: “where do my tax dollars go?”

Nadler Modular Structures has enjoyed the honor of building and delivering temporary and permanent modular solutions since 1977. Among Nadler’s many government clients have been the Department of the Army, the U.S. Veteran’s Health Administration, the New York City Parks, the NYPD, the U.S. Navy, and numerous state and local municipalities.

Over the years, our dedicated staff have developed specialized knowledge in working with federal, state, and local institutions. Nalder combines this expertise with the highest quality in materials and with consistent economic value that not only meet the varying contractual guidelines of different government entities, but often exceed our client’s expectations.

Nadler has earned several certifications to work with public sector entities more effectively. This includes being an official approved GSA supplier to the U.S. Government and Military; and also being a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), recognized by the New York and New Jersey State Departments of Economic Development.

Samples of our specialized modular projects for the Public Sector have included:

  • Correctional /prison facilities
  • Public school common areas, classrooms, and offices
  • Emergency response structures
  • Military barracks and base facilities
  • Medical offices and patient treatment centers
  • Administrative offices
  • Lockers and restrooms
  • Other custom specialty buildings

Recent Government Projects

Among Nadler’s most recent government contracts have been the New York Parks & Recreation Department, the New Jersey county of Middlesex, and the U.S. Navy. Below are a few highlights of each project:

Middlesex County

Middlesex County

  1. Middlesex County: Located at the intersection of New York and Philadelphia, Middlesex County is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, three universities and world-class healthcare and research facilities. This New Jersey county has been funding a major rehabilitation project involving numerous government buildings. This project went to bid, and Nadler was selected to deliver two 112’X60′ temporary office trailers that can be easily relocated throughout the county as the project’s milestones are achieved. Currently these mobile modular solutions are being used by staff from the Middlesex Medical Examiner’s office.

    The Olmsted Center in Flushing Meadows

    The Olmsted Center in Flushing Meadows

  2. New York Parks and Recreation: Steward of nearly 30,000 acres of land — 14% of New York City, the NY Parks & Recreation Department has embarked on a multi-year rehab project involving the Olmsted Center in Flushing Meadows, which is also the backdrop to the famous U.S. Tennis Open tournament held each summer. The Olmsted Center originally served as the administrative building for the 1964/65 World’s Fair before being converted into Parks Department offices.This massive renovation project has resulted in numerous Parks staff being displaced and relocated, necessitating flexible office space. Nadler Modular, which has a long standing relationship with the NY Parks Department, has built temporary and permanent modular structures to support the Olmstead renovation, delivered across three major stages of the project. Among these is a large, modern, open office structure complete with computer raised floors and oversized windows. The custom flooring design provides a cavity for all the necessary office wiring and cabling, offering easy access for maintenance and eliminating the need for vertical cable poles – for a cleaner, more open floor plan. The structures also included advanced keyless entry systems, and steel siding walls.


  3. United States Navy: Nadler modular is currently involved in a multi-stage modular project for one of the Navy’s Southeastern United States submarine bases. As a GSA certified vendor, Nadler is able to contract with divisions of the U.S. federal government, including branches of the military. In addition to the Navy, Nadler has also provided buildings and military barracks for the U.S. Army.This particular project has involved two large portable modular units, the details of which cannot be disclosed at this time due to compliance and security protocols set forth by the U.S. Navy.

To learn more about Nadler modular solutions for the Public Sector, please visit our GSA and Government webpages, or ask to speak to one of our government specialists by emailing

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