New York K-12 School Accommodates Surge in Student Population

Repurposes Existing Modular Structures over Summer Months

Demand for high quality, private primary schools is higher than ever across the nation, and especially in densely populated metropolitan areas like New York. Among the most sought after and fastest growing schools in the Brooklyn area is Yeshiva Ateret Torah, which looks after almost 1,500 students ranging from Pre-K all the way up through high school.

Like most top schools, predicting capacity for the following school year with enough lead-time is difficult at best. As such, during the spring of this year, Yeshiva Ateret Torah discovered it was going to be quite short on classrooms due to a surge in applications from new incoming students. Time was of the essence with school scheduled to get back into session in the fall – necessitating a flexible, fast, yet affordable space solution.

No stranger to modular construction after having been a long-time, repeat customer of Nadler Modular Structures, the school evaluated what options it had. Once again modular was the way to go, but this time the solution was a little different.

After Nadler Modular worked with Yeshiva Ateret Torah to define the specific space and usage requirements, Nadler looked for the best modular options that could also save the school money wherever possible. This included both the opportunity to design and build new modular construction, in addition to sourcing existing modular structures that could be repurposed to meet the school’s requirements – a unique benefit of modular construction.

Renovated reuse of modular construction involves reconfiguring a modular building and changing the existing factory-built commercial structure to meet the needs of a new application that’s unique to the structure’s original design. Both permanent and temporary modular buildings can be eligible for renovated reuse. This methodology is so well proven, that the Modular Building Institute (MBI) has established a hall of fame award category for some of the most innovative designs.

After some due diligence, Nadler located an existing modular building originally built for another educational institution that had come upon some unfortunate financial difficulties and was thus shutting down its operations. Included in the school’s fixed assets was a modular structure that while several years old, had never been utilized. Repurposing this existing modular structure would provide significant cost savings.

Nadler was able to successfully repurpose the existing modular structure for Yeshiva Ateret Torah in time for school to reopen in September. The structure will satisfy a variety of space requirements across its 120 feet in length X 48 feet in width; delivering eight classrooms; a staff breaks area; functional office space; and a spacious multi-fixture bathroom.

Not only was the Yeshiva Ateret Torah school able to accommodate its surge in student population by growing its capacity quickly over the summer months; but did so while enjoying substantial cost savings through the reuse of modular structures thanks to Nadler.

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