Last month we discussed how important site selection and logistics are to modular structure installation. This week Nadler Modular ran into all those challenges, and more.

One Police Plaza, headquarters of “New York’s Finest,” is located on Park Row in Civic Center, Manhattan, a busy, mixed use neighborhood near City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo: Francesco Dazzi, Wikimedia Creative Commons Licensed. Used by permission.

Although the original building was enlarged by 22,000 square feet in 2011, the task of ensuring safety and security in one of the world’s largest cities continues to grow in scope and complexity, requiring the city it to creatively expand its space once again. With no adjacent properties available for construction and security a paramount consideration, there was only one direction to go: up.

Nadler Modular was contacted by the Executive Director of the NYC Facilities Maintenance Department, and after due diligence and careful research, a plan was formulated to install 3400 additional square feet of additional office space on the roof of the existing atrium. The plan was approved, and Nadler was awarded the contract, with a one-year window for completion.



Fabricating the four 840-square foot modules was just the beginning. A project this big in the heart of a major city requires the coordination of just about every agency. Police, fire and traffic control were all called in to ensure all precautions were in place for the installation. Once all the departments were on board and the schedule finalized, everything happened very fast.

Two days before, the modules were trucked in at night (per city regulations) and “staged,” or positioned for handling. Then everyone took a moment to pray that the weather forecasters were on their game—the city will shut down a project like this in a “New York minute” if wind and weather aren’t cooperating to ensure a safe move.

Thankfully, everything came together as planned. Friday, February 21st, 2020 turned out to be a beautiful day for the lift, and the 70-foot-long modules were hoisted to their rooftop destination as quickly as safe handling would allow. Click here or on  the crane photo to watch a video of the last module being raised.

Once the modules were in place, the modules were secured, the seams were sealed watertight, and the crane and support vehicles were removed. Traffic was fully restored in just nine hours.



There’s still a lot to be done before this facility is set to go “in service.” The foundation will be completed, the joints fully closed, and all the interior work and furnishings installed. However, everything is now in place for this project to conclude on time and on budget.

When time, space or budget won’t allow for heavy construction, modular structures can be the ideal solution.


Bottom Line:

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