In the past you might have seen them for a clothing drive, a shopping mall “Outdoor Sale!” or an after-race party.

Lightweight, quickly-deployed structures seemed like a trivial part of the modular structures world.

But we didn’t know quite how important they would turn out to be.

Suddenly, Everything Changed.

Unless you live on a flood plain or “tornado country,” temporary shelters are a very rare sight—in ordinary times. Now they’re everywhere—in New York City, and around the world.

That’s what happens when a pandemic erupts. But here’s how modular shines:

Compared to purpose-built structures, modular and temporary structures for command, control, shelter and medical response have distinct advantages. They have their own ventilation and environmental controls. Their entrances and exits are separate from other facilities…just when that kind of isolation is needed most. And they complement existing logistical infrastructure, instead of displacing it.

In other words, as New York grapples with the hazards of safely managing contagion, modular structures are capable of a complete isolation lockdown, and can be equipped for virtually any role.

But that’s just part of modular construction’s amazing versatility.

Ever since the first days of modular, when Quonset huts were pressed into service as student housing or temporary classrooms…

And later, when rapid, flexible-use facilities became the high-demand mainstay of rapid shelter deployment all over the world…

And especially in these astounding times, when the need for immediately-available, high-quality, high-tech shelter and work environments suddenly became a worldwide priority…

Modular construction and temporary structure deployment have proven their worth in critical situations of every kind.

From command and control facilities to temperature screening and testing sites, emergency hospital facilities and housing for myriads of emergency, police and military personnel, there has been a modular facility that has been readily adaptable for every kind of urgent need that has arisen.

Talk About Essential Services!

We’re all looking forward to a time when we can get back to normal, whenever that might be.

But thanks in great part to modular’s amazing capabilities, and with ENORMOUS gratitude to our talented, dedicated and hard-working staff that have done so much and made so many sacrifices, our industry has been able to help support public safety personnel in New York and all over the world.

Nadler Modular—and many other modular suppliers like us—have been able to make a significant contribution to beating this dreadful challenge and turning the corner.

We’ll see you on the other side!


Bottom Line:

Just another project or the latest screaming emergency—all in a day’s work for today’s versatile modular structures. Contact us today for more information.

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