Modern Prefab Classrooms of the Future

Prefabricated, modular school classrooms are combining new levels of quality while meeting new, rapidly-changing requirements for learning environments.   Address Growth without Compromising Quality Today’s modern modular classrooms bear little resemblance to the old style ‘portables’ that most of us likely recall from decades past. Many of Nadler’s education clients have taken notice of this evolution, getting their project done… Read More

Do You Know What To Ask?

Many of our clients are purchasing a modular building for the first time and not quite sure what to ask in order to ensure what they get will meet their needs. For those who do have experience in evaluating a modular construction project, you may not be aware of some of the recent advancements made in the industry in terms… Read More

Trump’s Tax Bill & Construction: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What does Trump’s new tax cut bill mean for construction? Furthermore, when you weave in the ongoing trends of growth towards modular, prefabricated construction and the new year – what will the outcome be for 2018 when you mix all three together? Well it’s probably still too early to tell, but many indicators point to some levels of uncertainty that… Read More

Is Modular Construction Silicon Valley’s Next Innovative Move?

Silicon Valley in Northern California is well known for it tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, HP, Cisco, Salesforce, and numerous other hi-tech household names. But even these incredibly wealthy brands can’t pay their employees enough to afford the skyrocketing real estate and rent costs, thereby forcing these companies to find innovative housing solutions if they want to attract… Read More

Modular Construction Breaks Through Myth of Only ‘Boxy but Good’

Today’s modern modular construction is still misunderstood by the broader construction and engineering sector. However, this ‘image’ problem for the industry is starting to change as the latest in off-site, prefabricated construction methodologies is gaining traction with some higher profile projects. Among these are the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom, and Marriott Hotels in the United States. Up until… Read More

Nadler Proudly Puts Your Tax Dollars to Good Use

Doing business with government entities, whether a larger U.S. federal agency, a state-wide department, or a local municipality – requires the highest standard of trust and business integrity from vendors and contractors. Providing products and services to the government at any level is an honor, and can be very exciting as it’s a company’s opportunity to becomes directly involved in… Read More

President Trump – Good or Bad for the Construction Industry?

While it’s hard to avoid the latest headlines in the morning about what President Trump did the night before, there are some common themes that have been pervasive throughout Trump’s 2016 campaign, and into his actual presidency into 2017. Among these more relevant themes to us, is what Trump is really going to do around our country’s infrastructure, and what… Read More

Danbury School Avoids Redistricting Kids with Nadler Modular

Faced with a continued growing city population, the Danbury Public School District was facing severe overcrowding with its current resources and space capacity. While redistricting students was an option, it was also considered a last resort. A fast, economic solution was needed to solve this challenge, and ideally with as little disruption to faculty, students, and their families as possible…. Read More

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